Time of the Turkey

turkeydayYes, it is that time again. Time to celebrate the Turkey. Although, regulars of this site know that I’m not speaking of the poor fowl that will be devoured in mass today, but that of the other kind, the films that some might call a cinematic Titanic. Yes, I speak of the Turkey! The kind of film that only the dedicated and die-hard film fans will not only sit through, but even stranger, will be entertained by it. Because as we all know, described best by author Stephen Thrower (which I agree wholeheartedly), “the only bad movie is a boring one.” There are plenty of movies that have a low IMDB rating that I find wildly amusing. Ones that make me wonder how they ever were financed, produced, directed, edited, and even more amazing…actually released to the theaters! But it happened, time and time again. Obviously they must have made some sort of impact with their audiences because we are still talking about them today! Films like The Giant Claw, Plan Nine from Outer Space, Blood Freak, The Creeping Terror, Monster Dog, and so many more.


Each year since 2003, I have celebrated these fine misguided movies on Black Friday in my annual Turkey Day Marathon. Tomorrow will be no different. Now why do we do this? Well, not only is it just a blast, getting to watching these types of movies with other like-minded film fans, but also, and I’m serious here, to be amazed at some of these films that were made (for the most part) by people that were doing their best, with the money and talent that they had (or lack of one or both of those), hoping to make something that people would enjoy. It is easy to ridicule a movie as being crappy, stupid, and/or inept. But seeing past all of that and still taking pleasure in what they did come up with, while I will admit does take a little adjusting to, is worth it.


I have a theory about enjoying these kind of movies that I’d like to share that I think helps explains my point. I believe there is a little circuit in your brain, that to put in simple terms, tells you when a movie is poorly made and that it is a ‘bad movie’ by normal standards and that it is not entertaining because of the pitiable story, terrible acting, shabby special effects, etc. But at some point, especially if you watch enough of them, that little circuit will pop, blow, fizzle out, and stop those messages. After that happens, it’s like looking at them through a different pair of eyes. No longer are you getting these negative impulses, but find yourself actually seeing past all of the shortcomings and being entertained. Sure, it helps when you’re amongst other friends and fans who have also popped their circuit. Or maybe you can actually witness when it happens!

As I said…just a theory. More tests need to be done.


So on this day of the Turkey, we hope you celebrate at some point this holiday weekend basking in the awe and glory of a cinematic Turkey! Hopefully you are holding your own Turkey Day Marathon tomorrow as well. And if you are, I’d love to hear what you’re watching, or even a favorite Turkey that you have.

See you on the other side!

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