Hammer Films: The Unsung Heroes – The Team Behind the Legend Book Review

unsungheroesHammer Films: The Unsung Heroes – The Team Behind the Legend
By Wayne Kinsey
Published by Tomahawk Press, 2010.  484 pages

Can there ever bee TOO many books on Hammer Films? I think not. Especially when they are like this one. So many books have been written about the films that Hammer made or on a few of their stars. But what about all the little people, as they say?We all know that film making is a huge collaboration of many different people to make the final output look like it does. Usually that attention goes to the stars, and maybe the writers and directors, or even the special effects people. But there are other names out there that worked just as hard that usually get very little, if any, credit. All the people behind the scenes, whether it was an assistant director, in the wardrobe department, or even the ones working in continuity. These people are all part of the reason that these films are what they are. When it comes to Hammer Films, Wayne Kinsey is trying to change all of that with this book.


This book really is a who’s who of Hammer Films, which is broken down into different categories such as writers, directors, camera crew, sound, editing, and more. With each person, Kinsey gives us their background, the Hammer Films they worked on, and what they did. For die hard fans of movies, these are the people that should be remembered just as much as their stars. And now thanks to Kinsey, these hard working people have that chance.

We couldn’t recommend this book enough. If you are the slightest fan of Hammer films, then this is going to be a fascinating read, but I guarantee will have you seeking out other films in their catalog. And then the next thing you know, you will be another die hard Hammer aficionado.

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