Mystery Photo 11-23

It’s Monday, so that has to mean a new Mystery Photo, right? At least this should be ONE good thing to look forward for a Monday. At least I hope it is! Our last pic was from the Hammer thriller Nightmare. Don’t hear too much about this one for some reason, but it is a good one and worth checking out. In fact, I would recommend most of the black and white thrillers that Hammer made in the 60s, especially titles like Scream of Fear and Paranoiac. Kudos out to the following who sent in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Doug Lamoreux, Michael Shields, Adam Rockoff. Well done!

So….this week’s photo is not black and white, but a nice color one that I thought was a great looking shot. Well done to the DP for this one! But take a look and see what you think. Just send us an email at with your guess. Remember…Please don’t post your answer here, so everyone can have a guess. Good luck.


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