Unnatural Soundtrack Review

Released by Varèse Sarabande, 2015
22 Tracks with a total running time of 69 min.
Music by Edwin Wendler

The 2nd track to this score, the Unnatural Main Title, is by far, my favorite of the score. It is a wonderful piece of music that is quiet but also builds in emotion. I love the way there is a faint sound of a bell or chime in the background that slowly comes more into the forefront. I think that is when this score works the best, with quiet, slow, but steady stream of sound, usually with something going on off in the background. Track # 9, The Unexpected Guest, is another example where this works really well. But the score isn’t all just slow and moody. Tracks like # 12, Closing In, shows how he can build up tension, starting slow and low but getting louder and with a faster pace, but yet still not just making a lot of fast paced noise. He still does it with style. Track # 14, The Hunter Becomes the Hunted, is another good example of that.

Wendler proves that he can create an powerful and emotional effects through his music. Seeing it with the film, we can already tell that it will just enhance the visuals, giving it more of an impact, which is exactly what a score is suppose to do.

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