Running Scared Book Review

runningscaredRunning Scared
By Phil Campbell with Brian Reynolds
Published by Peveril Publishing, 2005. 226 pages.

Every follower of this site, or anybody that has talked to me for more than 15 minutes, probably knows of my love of Paul Naschy and of Hammer Films. Okay..maybe 10 minutes. So when news of a new book coming out by Peveril Publishing that was written by someone who used to work for Hammer back in the late 60s and early 70s, I figured we’d get some good stories. Not only was I correct, but they were great stories and a wonderful insight to a different time and place in the movie industry.

Now the price might sway you from ordering this, with it being close to $23 (£15), plus postage will run you about another $12, and the book is just over 200 pages. But for a Hammer fan, there is no choice. Not only it is filled with a lot of great photos, many in color, but the real joy here is getting that inside look and feel of what Hammer was like back then. From hearing about the lady who ran the switchboard, to the having to give directions to the “loo” to different actresses that were there for screen tests, these are stories that are so different than the usual “tales of film making” that we’re used to reading and hearing about. This is coming from someone right in the thick of it, even if they were just lowly ‘runners’, Campbell and Reynolds give us a very different and unique view of film making with Hammer.

Of course, while the stories of meeting the different talent of these movies is the highlight of the book, we also get to learn about the kind of work some of these guys at the bottom of the work load were having to do, and for very little money. From running to find a special kind of glue for Dracula’s teeth, to locating alcohol for end of shooting parties, sometimes at a moment’s notice. It really is like taking a trip back to a different time and era. And it’s a wonderful trip at that.

You can still order your copy directly from Peveril Publishing HERE.

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