Peter Cushing: A Life in Film Book Review

cushinglifePeter Cushing: A Life in Film
By David Miller
Published by Titan Books, 2013.  192 pages.

Previously published in 2000 under the title The Peter Cushing Companion, this is a newly revised hardcover edition.  While the text has been edited and tweaked a bit here and there, it is pretty much the same book in respect to that.  But this edition is a beautiful hardcover edition that has 16 full color pages that the previous edition did not have.  Sure, it would have been nice for the publishers to advertise it that way instead of making it seem like a totally new book, but none the less, it is a worthwhile book in any movie fan’s collection.

Miller does an excellent job in showing the readers the real Peter Cushing, as he struggles to make a living out of acting, through his work on the stage, trying to break into Hollywood, and eventually becoming one of the biggest stars in the UK.  We get to learn about his early days, jumping from one theatre group to another, slowly working his way up, to his eventual rise through BBC television programs, and of course, his becoming an international star once he took the role of Baron Frankenstein for Hammer Films.  We also get to see inside this humble man, as we learn about the love of his life, his wife Helen, who he was do dedicated to.  We travel through his life during their marriage, as his fame starts to rise, to the loss of his wife, which had so much of an effect on him that it literally changed him.

With a heartfelt introduction by Veronica Carlson, Miller’s book is a great tribute to this incredible actor and human being.  So much information about Cushing can be found in this book.  It really is a must for horror fans, Hammer fans, and anyone that loves movies.  With a retail price of only $24.95, which you can a bit cheaper through Amazon, it is an book well worth picking up, even if you have a copy of the original edition.

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