Peter Cushing Autobiography Reviews

cushingbiobookPeter Cushing: An Autobiography and Past Forgetting
By Peter Cushing
Published by Midnight Marquee, 1999.  256 pages.

Peter Cushing is probably one of the most famous British actors known for his horror roles, primarily due to his work with Hammer Films.  Though he played in countless other types of genres, he loved to give his fans what they wanted.  Turning the spotlight of Hammer’s Frankenstein films from the creature, Cushing made the doctor himself the real monster, always giving 110% to his role, making his character and the films unforgettable.

These books cover his life, his start in pictures, and his work with Hammer Films.  This book combines the two autobiographies that Cushing wrote and published, the first one An Autobiography in 1986 and the second one Past Forgetting in 1988.  The second book was done due to many people asking him why he didn’t talk a lot about his film work, especially his work with Hammer Films.

Since Cushing is one of the great icons of the horror genre, and the fact that he lived an amazing life, this book should be read by all horror fans, as well as general film fans around. 

cushingcompletememoirsPeter Cushing: The Complete Memoirs
By Peter Cushing
Published by Signum Books, 2013.  336 pages.

To help celebrate Cushing’s 100th birthday, Signum Books has published a new edition of Cushing’s two autobiographies mentioned in the above review.  But there are a few things that make this edition so much better.

First of all, it is a beautiful hardcover edition, filled with tons of glossy photos, both color and black and white.  But not only does this edition have those two earlier books, it also has The Peter Cushing Story, which was going to be for a press serialization back in 1954 and revised in 1955, but it is basically the start of what would become his first autobiography.  There are a lot of the same stories but this was put together before his start with Hammer films, when he was just known as one of the most popular actors on TV.  The other reason this is must buy is that it is only $24.95 ($18.97 on Amazon).  For a beautiful hardcover edition, that is a steal.  Especially when some published put out a little paperback book and charge $40!  So you really are getting your moneys worth with this edition.

With a new forward by Cushing’s secretary Joyce Broughton and a introduction by Jonathan Rigby, this really is a must have for horror fans, Hammer fans, and just movie fans in general.

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