Turkey Day Approaches

Turkeyday2015Now that Halloween is over, there is something even scarier lurking on the horizon. Something so horrible, that it is rumored to rip the will to live right from your soul. No, I’m not talking about the Christmas shopping season, but Turkey Day! For the last 12 years, on the day after Thanksgiving, while many are out there fighting one another for to save a few $$ for the upcoming commercial holiday, a few of us brave souls take on something even more terrifying…the Cinematic Turkey! But this is one feast where gluttony is not only approved, but mandatory!

Each year now, we have traversed through an array of cinematic shipwrecks, usually getting through seven features, that most would shake their hand at and not waste their time. But for us, we revel in these miss-fires of film making, at least for the day.

You might ask why we would not only do something this, but making this some sort of twisted ritualistic endeavor that we actually look forward to? Well, some of us ask that same question at the start of each marathon. But by the end of it, if you’re not already, you will come out a changed person. It really comes down to the fact that we revel is this sort of entertainment, because we can actually see these filmmakers trying their hardest to make a decent film, but usually falling a wee short on that mark. But that doesn’t mean we have a great time with them.

Of course, I give full credit for this annual marathon to the guys at Comedy Central and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Back in the 90s, on Black Friday, Comedy Central would run 24 hours of MST3K and it was just awesome. So much so that in 2003, I decided to have my own marathon. Granted, it was only a few hours, not a full day of it. But over the last 12 years, I’ve had many fellow Turkey Day followers join in the misery…er, I mean the fun, and we all walk away a little stronger and more forgiving to our fellow filmmakers.

So why not join us and have your own T-Day marathon on Black Friday? Invite some friends, show some cheesy flicks, and most importantly, have fun. Because at the end of the day, that is what it is all about.

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