Mystery Photo 11-9

I knew our last one was going to be a tough one, but that didn’t stop a few from sending in the correct answer. The shot was from the 1959 film The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake. Now with a title like that, doesn’t it make you want to see it? While the movie might not live up to that awesome title, I still think it is a great little film and worth seeing. Kudos to Hoby Abernathy, Doug Lamoreux, and Gavin Schmitt for sending in the correct title. Well done, Gents!

For this week’s photo, we’re going with another black and white film, and another one that probably doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Nothing scary in this picture, unless you start to imagine what might be behind those doors!!! Please remember not to post your answer here, but send us an email at Good luck!


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