Tales of Halloween Soundtrack Review

talesofhalloweenTales of Halloween
Released by Aleph Records
15 Tracks with a total running time of 65 min.
Music by Lalo Schifrin and others

This soundtrack is for an anthology film, where the soundtrack is an anthology as well. With many different composers working on the different segments in the movie, we get a wide range of musical styles, moods, and dark and twisted feelings! The opening track and Main Title to the score was done by Academy Award winning composer Lalo Schifrin, and it probably the best track in the set. Nothing against the rest, but it is really good. The rest of the tracks really hit the gambit, hitting many different sounds and styles. For instance, the track Sweet Tooth starts out being a very slow, quiet, and very creepy piece of music, very slow in its approach. But then about halfway through, the volume picks up, with loud slashing notes, raising the tension level, before then quietly seeping back down to the original tone. Nicely done.

Then we have tracks like The Night Billy Raises Hell that almost has a slight 70s’ giallo feel but with more of a modern feel. Very strange, but memorable. Tracks like Ding Dong start off with some chanting before moving into a rock style song. Other ones, like This Means War, starts off as a classical piece that transforms into an electric guitar solo.

We did enjoy this for the most part, but it did seem a little disjointed, which probably because it is a for anthology film, which makes sense. We are looking forward to seeing the film, especially so we can see how this music works with the images. Other composers on this release are Joseph Bishara, Michael Sean Colin, Christopher Drake, Christian Henson, Bobby Johnston, Jimmy Psycho, Sean Spillane, Edwin Wendler, and Austin Wintory.

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