Support the Cause!

hammer horror warner bros yearsI know that it seems these days everyone is asking for money for some project they are working on. I’m sure there are more than a few that are just either just schemes to get your money, or by people that might be better off looking into another line of work. But I also would like to think that there are a few that are honest endeavors, just need a little extra cash to help them get it going. So why should we give money to some of these people, when we are working our own butts off in the real world? Why don’t they do the same? Well, maybe because some of these people ARE working their butts off in the real world, but are working EVEN MORE to try and get a passion project created. And not only created, but for other people to enjoy them.

Over the last month, I think I have contributed to four different causes. Which in the last year, I think that would bring the total number for the year to about…four. But why these? The answer is simple and is really the main reason why any of us should support these, or any kind of these projects….because I BELIEVE in them. And showing support by giving a few $$ is not only a way to help these people get their project going, but also showing them that they are a creative force worth investing in, maybe even validating their decisions for what they are doing and why. Having people believe you and your talent is the best fuel and motivation any artist (of any type) could hope for (at least for me it is). And a little financial boost to a project shows that you believe in that person(s) talent for a particular project, or in general.

CELLULOIDWIZARDSEXTRAILFEATThese subjects that I have supported recently, are ones I personally want to see come to fruition. Two of them are documentaries, one on Hammer Films and their work with Warner Bros., and the other was on Empire Records. Being a fan of both of those studios and their work, my interests were strong enough to want to see these happen, which was worth the few dollars that I pitched in. With a lot of these, even a few bucks here and there really can add up. If you scroll down my site, you’ll see my previous postings about these, that are still looking for help to reach their goals. Another one was for a fellow horror fan/journalist who was in dire need of a new computer when his only one crashed. Sure, we could all need a new computer, but when the money just isn’t there for some of us, I thought it was a good cause and a nice way to show that, as horror fans, we need to stick together and show support. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

between the eyesLastly, there is a film project called Between the Eyes that some Chicago filmmakers are putting together, which is a film version of the stage play The Revenants, which was put on by WildClaw Theater a several years ago. We got to see the play back then and really enjoyed it. So seeing a film version seemed like a cool idea. Plus the fact that we like the people involved and think they are a pretty talented bunch. So if I could throw a few bucks their way to make this thing happen, then it is the least I can do. One point is to make sure that this, and the other projects that you do believe in, DO happen and become something you can look back on and say, “Yeah, I helped make this happened”. But also, and most importantly, that you showed support to someone by saying “You do good work, and I want you to continue.” To me, that really is the best reason.

If you might be interested in helping out on this recent fundraiser, to help bring the film version of The Revenants to the screen, then just click HERE for all the info.

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