The Diabolical Soundtrack Review

The-Diabolical-soundtrackThe Diabolical
Released by Atlantic Screen Group
30 Tracks with a total running time of 66 min.
Music by Ian Hultquist

When I started listening to this score, the first thought that came to mind was it was just another electronic score, with some sudden loud booms, digital noise and feedback, all trying to bring about a sense of uneasiness. But the more I listened to it, the more it sucked me into the depths of the music. Yes, there are still some sequences that do still remind me of electronic feedback, but there is something else below the surface that slowly dug its hooks into me.

Is this a score that will blow you away? Not at all. But I think what Hultquist does well here is that he has created a score that most of the time works quietly as it surrounds your mind’s eye. Occasionally bursting with a crashing bang, but still holding on to you. There are times where the “noise” gets a bit too much and for me those are a distraction. But overall, I was impressed with this. It may take a listen or two, but it really does start to haunt you.

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