Mystery Photo 10-26

I figured our last photo might be a tough one and since we only got 2 correct answers sent in, looks like I was right. But don’t feel bad, this was an obscure one. The shot is from a film called The Strangeness (1985) and is about a bunch of spelunkers who run across this wicked stop-motion monster at the end. Is it a great movie? Not by any means, but any time you have a stop-motion monster, I’m all for it. This has recently been released by Code Red, so it is a little easier to get to these days than before that, since it had never gotten a DVD release, and even the VHS tapes were pretty rare. This title would make a great addition to any Turkey Day lineup. But congrats to Hoby Abernathy and Will Wilson for sending in the correct answer.

Now to this week’s photo. This one might be a little easier….might be. So take a peek and see what you can come up with. Remember, please don’t post your answer here, but send us an email to Good Luck!


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