Mystery Photo 10-19

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I know I did, even with two seven hour drives within 3 days. But well worth the trip. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Our photo from last week was a tricky one, mainly because it really did look like it could have been from a dozen different movies. Or the fact that it is known as probably a dozen different titles as well. But the film is the 1980 classic Monster…aka Monstroid…aka Toxic Monster….aka It Came from the Lake…and many more. Starring James Mitchum, Anthony Aisley, and John Carradine as a priest, this underwater sea creature is just a hoot to watch. Granted a lot of the prints are so dark you can’t see anything. Maybe that’s a blessing! Anyway, kudos out to Hoby Abernathy, Doug Lamoreux, and David Smith for sending in the correct answer. Well done, guys!

Now for this week’s photo, we’re going to go with another creature feature. See if you can recognize this little lost classic. Just email your name to me at And Remember…please don’t post your answer here, but send us an email. That way it gives others a chance.


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