Mystery Photo 10-12

I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the amount of correct answers this time. And here I picked a little film that came out that didn’t seem to make that big of a splash, though I remember enjoying it quite a bit. But apparently I wasn’t the only one since quite a few of you out there recognized the last shot. It was of course from the 2008 film Splinter. Hard to explain it if you haven’t seen it, but I think it is well worth your time. I’m pretty sure it will at least make your fingers hurt. Congrats to the following for sending in the correct answer: Todd Barwick, Jason Buchanan, Ashley Crisman, Jerry Downing, Jordan Eucker, Albert Gerber, Brett Harrison, Kevin Matthews, Dustin Moravick, Luke Ostrowski, Wayne Teeter, Matt Wedge, and Kristin Wicks. Well done!

Now, let’s get to this week’s photo. Might be a bit harder, and definitely a bit more cheesier, but still fun none the less. See if you can’t tell what film this creature stars in. Just send us your answer to And as always…Good Luck!


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