Tis the Season…

October is a month long celebration for us devoted fans of the horror genre. From conventions, movie marathons, both at home and in the theater, decorating our homes (those some of us keep them up all year round!), and just celebrating this wonderful time of year. I try to partake in the festivities as much as I can, but this year has been tough. From starting a new job recently, two conventions this month, a 24-hour movie marathon that we’re going to be setting up at, all the while trying to battle some sort of cold/sore throat that seems to be draining my motivation, it has been a struggle for me to really enjoy this month.

LiquidCheese40But if there is one thing that makes me rejoice in this dark path that I have chosen is being part of what I consider my horror family and what they are doing to enjoy this holiday season, though some of it makes me jealous as hell! It gives this grumpy old man a warm and fuzzy feeling, almost making my black heart grow three sizes bigger, knowing you people out there are proudly carrying the torch, and celebrating the horror genre that way we do.

Making me even prouder, are those that take that passion a step further and not only embrace the love of the horror genre, but also strive to inject their infection to other people. Those of you that have Halloween parties, hold your own little movie marathons, the monthly October movie challenge, are not only celebrating the movies that we love, but also sharing your passion with others, which in turn re-enforces the fire within them.

Any time I feel laziness lurking around my head, all I need to do is something like pick up the latest issue of Dave Kosanke’s Liquid Cheese or Evilspeak and see the passion that lies within. Then, like piping in a 6-pack of 5-hour energy drinks directly into my veins, that laziness dissipates and the creative juices start flowing. One peak into the pages of Liquid Cheese and you can see how much love Kosanke has for the genre. And all for only $5. Kosanke shows you that fanzines are definitely not dead.

evilspeak4-adSpeaking of Evilspeak, issue # 4 is out now and is a beauty to be seen. This is no longer a magazine, but really book! This 200+ page tome is filled with passion-laded droolings and ramblings about the movies that we love, from die hard fans. And not one single ad. Think about this for a second folks. Most mags out there are around 60 to 80 pages, probably a third of which is ads, and which run from $7 to over $10. Volume 4 of Evilspeak is only $15 and is all content, or as they say, “all killer, no filler”. Now this isn’t meant as a slam to the other mags, but just to point out what Evilspeak is trying to do. This was created by  fans, for the fans, and at a damn reasonable price, especially for what you get.

Now yes, I am one of the Legion that contributes to this enthusiastic publication. And by Legion, I mean for we are many. Deviant and derelict artists and writers like Putrid, Slasher Dave, Don England, Vanessa Nocera, Colin Rodgers, Bryan Martinez, Splatterbeast, Slasher Dave, Leon Marcelo, Dave Kosanke, Damien Glonek, and so many more, you get such a wide variety of knowledge and passion-filled rantings within these pages, that are not trying to do anything other than to fuel your own passion about the genre, and hoping that you seek out some of the titles discussed within these pages because we’ve enjoyed this so much, we are hoping they do the same for you.

So if you’re not familiar with Evilspeak or Liquid Cheese, take a chance, spend the few bucks, and order a copy now. Below are the links where you can do just that.

Order Liquid Cheese HERE!

Order Evilspeak HERE!

Happy Hauntings!

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