Music Box of Horrors Tickets Giveaway…THE WINNERS!

Thanks to everyone that submitted their answer for our little trivia question. The answer was in fact the 1973 film The Legend of Blood Castle, also known as Ceremonia Sangrienta, Blood Castle, Bloody Countess, The Female Butcher, and a few more titles. Grau made this film right before making his version of a zombie film, Let Sleeping Corprses Lie, which also has a variety of AKA’s. Here’ the trailer Grau’s take on the famous Hungarian Countess.

But let’s get to why you’re here….the winner. A Bloody Congraduations (as well as 1 free ticket) goes to Aaron Christensen, Jerry Downing, Christopher Sobczak, and Kristin Wicks. Your name will be given to the Music Box where you will be have a ticket waiting for you when you get there. Looking forward to spending 24 hours of maddening movies with you!

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