Splintered Visions: The Films of Lucio Fulci

splinteredvisionsSince we just posted our review of Troy Howarth’s earlier book, so what better time then to make mention that his newest book is now out and ready for you to order your copy for your own collection. There are two different versions of the book, so depending on your taste and how much money you want to spend, it is up to you to decide. There will be the standard edition, where the photos will all be in black in white. But there is also a full color version, which will show off the glorious color from the stills, posters, and everything else. Obviously, I would recommend that version.

But in a rare case, it will actually be cheaper to order the book directly from the publisher than getting it from Amazon! I know that seems impossible, but check it out. For the standard black and white edition, you can get it from Amazon for $27. But if you go to Midnight Marquee, this normally $30 price tag has a special sale price of only $18! For those who really want all the glorious color photos, then instead of paying $67.50 on Amazon, you can get these from Midnight Marquee for only $45, which is $25 off their normal price of $70. So show these small press publishers that they matter and take the time and effort and order directly from them instead of going through Amazon. Everybody wins here!

But back to the book. We have a few of Howarth’s books and can say that they are all worthwhile editions to my collections, just as I know this new title will be as well. In fact, we should have our review of his book on giallos, So Deadly So Perverse, posted shortly.

So just click HERE to get over to Midnight Marquee’s website and place your order now.

3 thoughts on “Splintered Visions: The Films of Lucio Fulci

  1. I want this one too, but I really want the color version. If the b&w version was the only one available I would have ordered it by now. $45 is a good deal though. The Canadian dollar is so weak now though that I get killed on the exchange rate.

    He also has an older book on Bava. Is that one next?


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