Book Review: So Deadly, So Perverse – Volume 1: 1963-1973

sodeadlybookSo Deadly, So Perverse – Volume 1: 1963-1973
By Troy Howarth
Published by Midnight Marquee, 2015. 233 pages.

Italian giallo films are something that most horror fans are somewhat familiar with. I mean, it’s pretty hard to be a horror fan and not have some familiarity with directors like Dario Argento and Mario Bava, and their work in the dark, mysterious, and violent thriller sub-genre called giallos. Even if you might not be a fan of them, you at least know about them. If you are a fan of this strange sub-genre, then you know there is a serious amount of ground to cover. That is where Troy Howarth’s book comes in as handy as black leather gloves and a bottle of J&B.

One of the things I loved most about this book was the history lesson. Sure, I’ve been a horror fan most of my life, but this book just shows you that there is always room to learn more. Even before we get to the actual reviews, we get several chapters of a history lesson that I think should be required reading for any horror fan that has an interests in Italian films, as well as those interested in giallos. With a ton of information, writer Roberto Curti gives us a great history lesson on when and where this giallo genre actually started, and from where they came from. There was a lot of information that I wasn’t even aware of.

But then you get into the actual meat of the book, the reviews. If you ever wanted to start a checklist of giallos to seek out, then you will have plenty by the time you get through with this one. Howarth does an excellent job covering a large scope of titles, which I’m sure there will be more than a few that you’ve never heard of. He also gives us a plethora of facts, trivia, and all sorts of information about the film and the people involved with it. Add to the fact that the pages are littered with poster art in glorious color, as well as stills and other promotional pics, it really makes this book a must have for horror fans. I’m a sucker for film guides and this one really is an essential title for one’s library, especially if you have a fondness for those with an Italian flare.

This oversized paperback has a retail price of $49.95. You can save a few bucks by going to Amazon, but the real deal is if you go to the publisher directly, which is Midnight Marquee, they are having a sale on this title and you can get it for only $35. Now that is a deal. And tell them we sent you!

One thought on “Book Review: So Deadly, So Perverse – Volume 1: 1963-1973

  1. It is expensive, but it’s probably the best book on the topic. I’m looking forward to the next volume, which will pick up from 73 on, I think.

    Blood and Black Lace was a pretty awesome book too. The binding on that one let go though…

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