Feliz Cumpleaños Paul Naschy!

naschyrememberedbanner“I would write that Paul Naschy had at least done his best and that he cared about what he was doing. I was capable of mistakes – to do it well or to do it poorly – but I assure you is that I did it with feeling and affection. I love the fantastic cinema.”

Pnaschy4aul Naschy on himself

Today would have been Naschy’s 81st birthday, had he not passed away almost six years ago. Kind of hard to believe that we lost him that long ago. But when you think about it, he is still alive and well and continues doing what he strived to do with his career that spanned for more than four decades. Because of his movies that he left us, his memories will not only live on, but he will still be entertaining horror fans for years to come. And to those new to the fantastic cinema of Paul Naschy, they will get to discover him for the first time, and have countless hours of excitement just waiting for them to discover.

naschy-printNaschy remains a favorite horror icon to me, not just because of his massive work that he did in the genre, but because he was a fellow fan, just like us. As I’ve said before, he was not making this kind of films because they were popular or thought he could make money doing them. He chose those projects because of his love of the fantastic cinema. Because of that, I admire him even more. His memory is definitely alive and well in the Krypt, from the wall leading down into our basement, which has been named “the Naschy wall”, which is filled with artwork and memorabilia of him, to the werewolf tattoo I got last year, his presences is never too far away. I also continue to be entertained when watching his movies, seeing that passion come alive on the screen, each and every time. Whether he is playing the sad and lonely hunchback, the lovelorn Count Dracula, or everyone’s favorite tormented werewolf, Waldemar Daninsky, he always brings a smile to my face, a warmth to my heart, and makes the 10-year old horror fan inside of me just delirious with excitement.

Love live Paul Naschy. Gone, forever missed, but NEVER to be forgotten.

In honor of this, let’s here what film was your introduction to the fantastic cinema of Paul Naschy.

2 thoughts on “Feliz Cumpleaños Paul Naschy!

  1. The first Paul Naschy movie I remember seeing was The Werewolf Versus the Vampire Woman. I rented it after reading a bit about Naschy. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was soon seeking out other films he was in. He always had a haunted,resigned look and although he often played monsters, they were human in emotion. The audience’s sympathy was with him. His love of horror was evident. He could have made much more money if he had made comedies, but that wasn’t where his heart was. He was a true champion of classic horror. He passed away too soon. If alive today, I believe he would still be acting.

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