Nox Arcana Returns

Nox Arcana Gothict’s been two years since the release of an album from Nox Arcana, but the wait is now over. Next month, they will be releasing their latest creation, entitlted simply Gothic. We’ve been enjoying their work ever since they put out their first release, way back in 2003. With each of their releases, they create an amazingly dark and moody soundscape that is just the perfect thing to enhance your exploits of the evening….even if that just sitting at your computer working.

Here is what the band says about their latest effort: Nox Arcana invites you to spend the night in a gothic mansion with a haunted and sinister history. Eerie sounds echo through the cobwebbed halls of Grimstone Manor, beckoning you deeper into the shadows. Venture forth to explore the estate’s hidden realms and discover the dark secrets buried long ago.

It is due out this Halloween. For more information about this one and the band itself, as well as all their other releases, check out their website HERE.

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