Come and Celebrate the Drive-In!

midway-phantasmSure, this might not be the first time I’ve waved this flag, but there are a couple of events coming up that I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention. As I’ve posted before, next weekend the Kitley crew will be heading down just south of Indianapolis, to the Skyline Drive-in in Shelbyville. The are holding their annual 3-night all night monster movie marathon. We won’t be leaving until late on Friday but am still hoping to catch the last 3 titles scheduled. Then we will be staying over night and catching all 5 titles on Saturday night. Having the opportunity to see films like Tarantula, Horror Express, Island of Lost Souls, not to mention the original King Kong, really is like dream come true for a movie nut like me. But the drive-in is so much more than just the movies. Yes, it is a great time, but it is also that step back into time, when going to the drive-in really was an experience and one that is remembered for years to come. You can get all the information about this even HERE.

midway1Another drive-in that is a wee bit closer to me is the Midway Drive-in, located in Sterling, IL. Sure, it might be a bit of a drive, even from the Chicagoland area, but it is still always an amazing time. It is run by Mike and Mia from Flashback Weekend, who have alway worked so hard at keeping this drive-in open for people to enjoy. And now, coming up next month, on Sept. 19th, they are holding their own annual Dust to Dawn Drive-In Horror Fest! They don’t have their final lineup just  yet, but they have announced An American Werewolf in London and Motel Hell! Plus, even you needed an extra bonus to come out, Kitley’s Krypt will be vending there, along with our good friends from Lix! There’s going to be plenty of fun, some classic horror trailers, vintage concession ads, and so much more. You can get all the information and updates from their site HERE.

If you haven’t made it out to the drive-in yet this year, then your time is running out. Take the family out and enjoy a wonderful evening under the stars, watching some great flicks, and having some tasty treats from the concessions! Gotta love those corn dogs! Hope to see you at one of these events coming up!

2 thoughts on “Come and Celebrate the Drive-In!

  1. The Drive-In experience IS something that everyone should enjoy and that ALL children should be exposed to at least once in their lives. The word has been that drive-ins have been dying over the past few years. While I know there are fewer than ever before where the ones currently open are located (at least around here) they seem to be doing booming business.

    If you’ve never been to a drive-in by all means GO! If you need a tease other than what Jon has said above feel free to click this and read.

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