New Hammer Book Series from Peveril Publishing

curse_of_werewolf_poster_07We had recently received our copy of the first volume of Peveril Publishing’s book series, The Fantastic Films of the Decades and was just blown away by it. The layout is fantastic and am amazed at how much stuff they covered for a decade of silent films. Of course, this is just the first of nine volumes, so there is much more greatness to come, not to mention the chuck out of my bank account this is going to take. But if the rest of the editions are as good as this first one, it will be a well worth investment.

But the fine folks at Peveril didn’t seem to be content with working on this book series, and figured they also need to create something similar for Hammer fans. They have just announced a new 8 volume book series called the Hammer Film Scrapbook Series. Each one of the volumes will cover a particular theme, such as one on their Dracaul films, one on their Frankenstein films, and so on. Below is the complete list:

Vol. 1: Dracula
Vol. 2: Frankenstein
Vol. 3: Vampires
Vol. 4: Horror
Vol. 5: Sci Fi
Vol. 6: Fantasy
Vol. 7: Psycho
Vol. 8: Adventure

hammerfamebannerEach volume will be packed with posters, lobby cards, press books, shooting schedules, memorabilia, rare pictures and other advertisting material. They will also be hardcover editions that will be limited to only 500 signed editions. So again, supplies will be limited.

If you have ever ordered anything from Peveril Publishing, then you know the high quality products they turn out. I know I will be adding each one of these editions to my ever growing Hammer library. Can’t wait to see them.

For more information about this series, as well as other Peveril titles and information, just click HERE.

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