Extinction Soundtrack Review

Released by Varèse Sarabande, 2015
25 Tracks, with a total running time 67 min.
Music Composed by Sergio Moure

This film is another zombie film, one that takes place in a snowbound town. But just from listening to the score, I would suspect there is much more suspense here than over the top terror. The score starts off with hauntingly slow burn of a track, with the sounds of a strings, seemingly straining to make some music. It is slow paced, with a very somber but eerie quality to it, one that can easily put images into your mind’s eye. It picks up a bit, but then slowly descends back down. This continues with the second track, Night Journey, with faint notes from the piano combined with some gentle strings, all that create a quite but unnerving feeling. But then halfway through this track, it explodes with some quick rhythm from possibly cellos, which picks up the pace for a short time, before going back down to the original mood. This fast paced music appears again, such as in the track Defending My Baby or near the end, with the track The Siege.

Overall the score is a somber and quite one, one that is almost peaceful, but there always seems to be that feeling of uneasiness that it creates. Like it is trying to be relaxing, but there is just something there that won’t let you.

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