The Vatican Tapes Soundtrack Review

vaticantapescdThe Vatican Tapes
Released by Lakeshore Records, 2015
19 Tracks, with a total running time of 43 min.
Music Joseph Bishara

If there is one thing that composer Bishara does well, it is building atmosphere out of sounds. Not necessarily music, but sounds. And his score for The Vatican Tapes is a perfect example of this. Right from the start, we get a mixture of the lower keys of the piano but then mixed with a variety of sounds, some of which sounds like some demented chimes banging away. This mixed in with wailing strings, a thumping that almost sounds like a fast-paced beating heart, and you have just the first track.

The rest of the score plays out in a very similar format. There are no melodies or themes, but a continuing stream of sounds, some recognizable, while others seem familiar but you just can’t place. This isn’t one of those creepy ambience pieces, but more industrial without the loud mix of electronic noise, except more with like things found in your garage. And that’s a compliment. This is a very different than what I’m normally drawn to, but I rather quite enjoyed having this on in the background.

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