Irwin Keyes – Rest in Peace

irwinkeyes-ripI meant to post this earlier but was sidetracked a little with that thing called life. But I wanted to make sure that I mention the passing of character actor Irwin Keyes. Yes, most of us horror fans know him from his character of Revelli in Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses, but just looking has his resume you’ll realize the amount of work this man has done. He had small parts in a ton of films, such as in the original Friday the 13th. A constimate character actor, Keyes was one of those people that could only have a bit part in a film, maybe a scene or two, but was always memorable. Because of his look, he tended to play vilians or henchman, but like a lot of actors playing the monsters, it was completely opposite of what Keyes was like in real life. According to talent manager Travis Engle, “He was the nicest guy who played some of the meanest characters. In show business, it is very rare to meet someone as kind and gentle as Irwin was.”

Keyes passed away last Wednesday from complications of acromegaly. He was 63 years old. Our thoughts out to his friends and family.

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