Nightmare Castle Comes to Blu-ray!

nightmare-castleAs horror fans, we all know that Barbara Steele made a few gothic horror flicks in her day. Some of the plots might even sound a bit similar….I mean, how many films can you make about ghosts coming back from the dead for revenge? Well…quite a few it seems. But the difference with these films is that they were made by talented filmmakers! So it didn’t matter if the plot had been used several times before, it was still a great movie. A prime example of that is Nightmare Castle

Sure, we all know and love Mario Bava’s Black Sunday, which was the film to catapult Steele into her path towards being a Queen of gothic horror, but I have to say that Nightmare Castle is one of my favorites of hers. The tale is about a deceitful wife and her lover who are tortured to death by her sadistic husband. But the story doesn’t end there, when they come back to haunt the husband and his new wife. With some incredible music by Ennio Morricone, and co-starring Paul Muller and the beautiful Helga Liné, I couldn’t recommend this film enough.

nightmare-castleThough it has been released a few times before on DVD, now thanks to the fine folks at Severin Films, they will be releasing Nightmare Castle on Blu-ray in August. So not only will we have a presentation that will look amazing, just like all of Severin’s releases, but it will be filled to the brim with extras. There is a brand new commentary with Steele along with historian David Del Valle, along with a featurette with Steele called Barbara Steele in Conversation, and interview with director Mario Caiano as well.

But if that wasn’t enough to make this well worth you adding it to your collection, the disc will contain TWO MORE Steele features! Both newly scanned in 2k from rare US release prints, you’ll get Antonio Margheriti’s Castle of Blood as well as Massimo Pupillo’s Terror Creatures from the Grave. There is also a featurette with Terror’s dircector Pupillo and actor Riccardo Garrone, along with film historian Fabio Melelli (in Italian with optional English subs), as well as some deleted scenes from the film.

2 thoughts on “Nightmare Castle Comes to Blu-ray!

  1. I already have Nightmare Castle on DVD, but am definitely planning to upgrade for this release. It’s great to see the films of that era get the makeover they deserve. I still am shocked by Steele’s “She-Beast”. The public domain version is awful, just awful. But then someone (I think Dark Sky) invested the time and money into releasing a decent print, and now it’s incredible!

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