The New Krypt Hits 100 Post Milestone!

Well, it has been about four months since we’ve switched the Krypt over to the new site and this is our 100th post! It was a struggle in making the transition but I still think it was for the best. I know I am enjoying the new way of doing this, which I have to say is much easier. I can only hope that everyone out there is still enjoying the updates and my ramblings.

Even though we’ve changed where we are doing it, my goal is still the same, that I am still delivering you the same quality content that I had been doing with the old site for the last 17 years, and hope to continue to do so for more years to come. As it has been since the beginning, this is a labor of love and passion and am grateful to all of you out there that follow this site and show your support. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Don’t forget you can follow this site by clicking either the Follow button on the right, or entering your email address in there. That way, each time we post something, you’ll automatically get an email letting you know. Pretty fancy, huh? Also, we’d love to hear more thoughts and comments from you out there. One of the things I really liked about this new format is the ability for you, the reader, to post your own thoughts and comments directly here on the site. There is nothing more I enjoy then having a nice conversation about this genre that we all love. So please, feel free to add your own two cents in to whatever I’m yapping about, or even if you have questions. I’m all ears.

Alright…back to work for now.

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