Got Gothic?

englishgothic-revisedIf you’re a fan of British horror and have a few reference books around on said genre, then you just might have one by author Jonathan Rigby. I know I have a few of his titles proudly in my library. He’s one of the guys from across the pond that really knows his stuff. Back in 2005, Rigby wrote a book called English Gothic: A Century of Horror Cinema, which covered the British horror film from pretty much the beginning of film to the current era (at that time…more on that in a bit). Filled with tons of photos, the book covered different eras of the genre, like the early works of Todd Slaughter, moving onward to of course Hammer Films, but many others as well. Certain films are highlighted with cast & crew info, and some quotes about the film, either a review or from someone involved in the film.

In 2007, Rigby put out another edition in what seems to be a series, called American Gothic: Sixty Years of Horror Cinema. It pretty much followed the same format as the previous book, except this one covers films from the states, and has an insert of some color pages, mainly showing poster art. For some reason though, this out-of-print title goes for over $50 on the market. Not sure why, other than maybe it was a small number of books published. But again, worth it if you can find one.

american gothicBut if you are interested in finding a copy of his original book, you are in luck! Since that came out 10 years ago, why not update it, right? That is exactly what Rigby did. Coming out this month from Signum, is an updated version of the book, in a hardcover edition no less, now called English Gothic: Classic Horror Cinema – 1897 to 2015. The retail price is $34.95, but Amazon has them listed for $24.89. Such a deal!

And even better news, next year we will see another new entry in the series entitled Euro Gothic: Classics of Continental Horror Cinema. This will also be published by Signum and will be a hardcover edition. Amazon isn’t taking pre-orders just yet, mainly since we are a year away, but I’m sure I’ll post something here when it gets closer to the date.

So again, if you are a fan of gothic films in general, then I would highly recommend at least the first two volumes. But again, anything by Rigby is worth the cost.

Euro Gothic

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