I, Madman escapes to Blu-Ray

imadman blurayIt’s not too often these days that a movie comes out that is quite different and even original compared to most of the films coming out. That really goes for any era of cinema. But in 1989, this film snuck out with not much attention, other than from the likes of Fangoria and a few other horror outlets. And that is a damn shame because I feel that Tibor Takacs’ I, Madman is an exceptional film and still remains one of my favorites today.

The movie does a great job bending reality and fiction together, with our beautiful protagonist Jenny Wright never knowing what is real or from the book she is reading. Or has the story from the very pages come to life? Clayton Rohner stars as the police detective and boyfriend of Wright, trying to uncover the strange murders that have started recently. Wright seems to think she knows who the villain is, but barely believes herself, let alone trying to convince the police. Takacs and screenwriter David Chaskin does an excellent job weaving the two worlds together, and giving us one hell of a movie.

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And the Award for Worst Interview Ever Goes to…

satansbladeblurayLast weekend, I had the pleasure of viewing the blu-ray release of Satan’s Blade, from producer/co-writer/director/actor L. Scott Castillo Jr. Followers of the Krypt all know about my annual Turkey Day Marathons that I hold every November. Well…I decided to do an impromptu event and hold the First Annual Turkey Day in May event! Yeah, it was kind of last minute, but I already had a plentiful list of titles for the next Turkey Day, I didn’t see a problem with doubling the fun during the year! Some of the usual suspects were there and I’ll have a full report posted at some point this month.

But this rant is really about the 1984 film Satan’s Blade. Actually, not about the movie itself, but one of the extras on this new blu-ray. There is an interview with director Castillo on the disc. Honestly…it is kind of hard to say it is in an interview with the director does 99% of the talking, while the poor woman interview is looking into the camera with the definite “shoot me now” look. Of course, that is when you can SEE her on camera. Let me explain. I’m not sure who they had working the camera, but when compared to the likes of Ed Wood or Ray Dennis Steckler, those guys should have been multiple Oscar winners for cinematography.

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Giant Spider Invades Blu-Ray!

giantspiderblurayRegulars to the Krypt not only know of my love for Turkey movies, but especially when they come from Wisconsin and involve a giant spider that has been made out of a Volkswagen beetle. It just boggles the mind when a movie like Bill Rebane’s The Giant Spider Invasion not only gets a blu-ray edition, but a 2-disc edition with a ton of extras, including a new documentary by the talented Daniel Griffith. But it is all true.

VCI Entertainment will be unleashing this Rebane’s monstrous arachnid, The Giant Spider Invasion next month on June 6th. It will feature the new documentary Size Does Matter! Making of The Giant Spider Invasion which is probably the thing that I’m looking forward to the most. Below is all the other extras included on this special edition. Some of it looks like it might have been filmed back at the Bill Rebane Film Fest that took place in Madison, WI, back in 2005, which I was honored to be in attendance. So it will great to see that being archived.

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Fantastic Films of the Decades…or Why I Will Need a Part Time Job!

Fantastic Films of the Decades vol 1The fine folks at Peveril Publishing are about to unleash the first book in their massive 9 volume set called Fantastic Films of the Decades. Volume 1 will be about the Silent Era, written by Wayne Kinsey. If you have any of Kinsey’s Hammer books or magazines, then you know how amazing this book is going to be. And I for one, can’t wait to add this title, as well as the following volumes to my collection. Which is why I’m probably going to need a part-time job!

Peveril Publishing has only been around a relatively short time, but have put out some amazing titles, such as one of their last releases, The Hammer Legacy. Yes, it was a bit pricy, especially getting it shipped from the UK, but well worth every penny/pound! They haven’t posted what the price is going to be on this volume but hope it is reasonable for us in the states, which I’m sure it will be.

Each volume will be a hardcover edition, full color and limited to only 500 signed editions. I’m sure it will sell out rather quickly, just like their Hammer Legacy book, so don’t wait too long. They are not taking pre-orders just yet, but head over to their website and sign up for their newsletter that way you can be notified when they are taking orders. You can get to their website by clicking HERE.

The rest of the 9 volume series will consist of the following:

Fantastic Films of the 30’s
Fantastic Films of the 40’s
Fantastic Films of the 50’s vol 1 (1950-56)
Fantastic Films of the 50’s vol 2 (1957-59)
Fantastic Films of the 60’s vol 1 (1960-64)
Fantastic Films of the 60’s vol 2 (1965-69)
Fantastic Films of the 70’s vol 1 (1970-74)
Fantastic Films of the 70’s vol 2 (1975-79)

Oh yeah…don’t forget…Print is Dead!


Meet Adam Rockoff – Author of The Horror of It All!

horrorofitallI know we just posted our review of Mr. Rockoff latest book recently, but he will be doing a few book signings in the next month or so in the Chicagoland and Wisconsin area. If you are nearby one of these bookstores, I would highly recommend stopping by and picking up a copy of it. It is a fun book and Adam is a great guy with plenty of great stories about the genre. Tell him we sent him.

Here’s where he will be appearing:

May 19th at Anderson’s at Two Doors East in Naperville, IL
May 20th at Boswell Books in Milwaukee, WI
May 21st at The Book Cellar in Chicago, IL
July 20th at the Madison Public Library in Madison, WI

Turkey Day 2014

t-day2014 003For our 12th Annual Turkey Day Marathon, we had a record number of 13 crazy movie fans that came out this year to celebrate this crazy tradition that I started back in 2003. We had both regulars and a few T-day virgins this year, but I’m sure those will even be back next year. We got through another 7 movies this time, which I think is becoming the standard now. Plus, I think this event really showed what Turkey Day is all about. Yes, it is about watching and enjoying movies that your normal movie scholars would turn their nose up in disgust, but it is much more and this year really put the spotlight on those reasons. Besides the movies, it is about community. It is about a group of individuals of all ages, assembled together to watch some enjoyable ‘bad’ movies. The laughing going on throughout the day showed that we all had that same connection when it comes to these kind of movies and knew that it really is about having a good time with them with other like-minded film fans. Hearing the roars of laughter coming from everyone throughout the day reminded me of this each and every time, as well as the looks of “what did I just see?” that make these events so enjoyable.

This year our T-Day regulars that made it were Joe Wallace, Jason Coffman, Neil Calderone, Brian Fukula, Craig Clark, and Aaron Christensen, who was making this his 10th year coming. Putrid himself, Matt Carr made a glorious return after his last appearance back in 2009. Our T-Day Virgins were Sharon Gissy, and my son’s Nick’s friends Austin Robinson, Max Nolan & Charlie Morrison. Nick was there as well, when he wasn’t helping his mother in the kitchen creating one of the 17 pizzas we devoured throughout the day, which included breakfast pizzas, veggie pizzas, crab rangoon pizza, a spaghetti & meatball pizza (affectionately named the Drunken Billy) and a chili dog pizza, which was my favorite of the day. Major kudos as usual going out to my wife Dawn who created all of these (with Nick’s help) and always kept us wondering what was going to be next. It wouldn’t be a T-Day event without her and the glorious food that she creates for us. Okay…lets get to the movies!

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Turkey Day 2013

t-day 2013 survivorsYou would think that after 10 years of holding these little marathons, putting movie viewers through some possibly horrendous films was not the nicest or smartest thing to be doing. Yeah…you would think. To those that think this just plain crazy, you are correct!  But we do it anyway. The people that come out to help me celebrate my annual party are die-hard cinephiles that don’t mind getting on their hands and knees, drudging through the muck of cinematic garbage, or at least what some may call it. We try to find the higher points on these films, even though with some it is very tough to do that with, but we try anyway. It is our way to not only test our endurance, but also to highlight some of these hardworking filmmakers and their finished accomplishments. No matter how bad or good they might be, we feel they need to be remembered, even in the worse way.

We had no T-day virgins this year, but seasoned veterans that obviously are gluttons for punishment. While we thought for a while that Aaron Christensen wasn’t going to be able to make it due to an acting gig, he was able to work his way out for the first 4 movies before having to catch a train to meet up with his ride back to Milwaukee. That’s dedication. Honestly, I was thrilled that he did since it wouldn’t have been the same without him, since he has been here to every one of them since 2005.  Also returning was Joe Wallace, Jennifer Kilzer, Craig Clark, Jason Coffman, Neil Calderone, and Brian Fukula. Brian also had to leave early, after the 3rd film, but we get him credit for making the trip out for what he could. My son Nick had to work this year, so he missed most of the movies, but did arrive in time to catch one of them. And of course, probably one of the real reasons these guys keep coming out for this event is all the amazing pizzas made by my wife Dawn, who was able to sit in the last few movies. We had the usual breakfast pizzas, Italian beef pizza, crab Rangoon pizza, but also some new ones like the chili rellenos pizza that was just incredible.

Once again, we got through 7 films, but managed to devour 12 pizzas this time. So with only 8-9 of us here for most of the day, we seemed to go through a lot more pizzas than last year. I’m sure the excitement of the movies just meant we were burning up more calories, making us hungrier. Yeah…sure…I buy that.  But lets get to the movies.

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