Drive-In Super Monster-Rama

Back in 2011, we headed out to Pennsylvania for this drive-in event, making a little vacation of it and just had one hell of a time. If we were only closer to this, we would be there each and every time. But this year, they have one hell of an incredible line up. I mean, where else could you have the chance to see 4 of the Roger Corman Poe films on one night at a drive-in theater? Then the next night, see two classic Hammer Dracula films, along with two other vampire classics? Almost makes me want to move!

If you are in the area, or feel like making one amazing road trip out there, I couldn’t recommend this event enough. DVD Drive-In and the Riverside Drive-In Theatre continue to work their ass off keeping the drive-in experience alive for both the young and old, and always coming up with some great titles. Maybe one of these days we’ll make it out there again.
For all the information, just click HERE.


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