I, Madman escapes to Blu-Ray

imadman blurayIt’s not too often these days that a movie comes out that is quite different and even original compared to most of the films coming out. That really goes for any era of cinema. But in 1989, this film snuck out with not much attention, other than from the likes of Fangoria and a few other horror outlets. And that is a damn shame because I feel that Tibor Takacs’ I, Madman is an exceptional film and still remains one of my favorites today.

The movie does a great job bending reality and fiction together, with our beautiful protagonist Jenny Wright never knowing what is real or from the book she is reading. Or has the story from the very pages come to life? Clayton Rohner stars as the police detective and boyfriend of Wright, trying to uncover the strange murders that have started recently. Wright seems to think she knows who the villain is, but barely believes herself, let alone trying to convince the police. Takacs and screenwriter David Chaskin does an excellent job weaving the two worlds together, and giving us one hell of a movie.

But for me, the real star of the film is Randell Cook, who not only plays the madman of the title, but also created his own special makeup for his character. It really brought forth memories of Lon Chaney Sr., creating his own characters and creatures from his bag of makeup supplies.

And now thanks to Shout Factory, we’re going to be able to learn more about the movie than ever when they release their special edition blu-ray disc on July 21st.

The disc will feature audio commentary by director Takacs and actor/makeup artist Cook, along with an making of featurette featuring interviews with Takacs and Cook, along with screenwriter David Chaskin, actor Rohner, and actress Stephanie Hodge. There is even some behind the scene footage with commentary by Cook as well.

This is one disc that I am very excited to see. Just like one of the book titles in the movie, viewing this is going to bring me Much of Madness, More of Sin….

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