Got Wood?

cinematicadventuresofedwoodComing this summer from our good friends at BearManor Media, authors Andrew J. Rausch & Charles E. Pratt Jr. tell us the story about Ed Wood Jr., one of the most iconic figures in the cult movie history, in their book entitled The Cinematic Misadventures of Ed Wood. In the book, they have 10 different interivews with people that knew and worked with Wood and/or his films. With close to 300 pages and 42 chapters, it seems like we might be able to learn a little more into the life of this very strange man, who made even stranger movies.

You can pre-order the book at BearManor Media’s website by clicking HERE.

The Beyond & Pieces at Chicago’s Music Box

Okay Chicago area Fulci Fans, in case you might have forgotten, there are midnight screenings of Fulci’s The Beyond next weekend at the Music Box, thanks to the wonderful people at Grindhouse Releasing. If you haven’t had the chance to see this on the big screen, it is a must.

beyondThen on April 17th & 18th, the Music Box will also be screening the one and only Pieces! Nothing better than watching movie with a bunch of other crazy horror fans. Such a good time. Hope to see you there for both events!


HorrorHound Weekend in TWO DAYS!!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready for our first convention for this year’s Kryptic World Tour 2015, which happens to be the HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnait Ohio this weekend….like in two days!!!! After the last couple of brutal work weeks, I am more than ready to hang out with a bunch of like minded horror fiends, and have some fun and serious conversations about horror movies!

Of course, we will be set up there with a wide range of amazing titles to add to your horror reference library. And I can guarantee that you won’t find titles on my table that are $180! I’m more interested in getting this volumes to good homes, where horror fans can learn more about this amazing genre, and to truly Discover the Horror.

And did I mention they are having a Re-Animator reunion?

So if you coming out to the show this weekend, make sure you stop by our table and say hello.


Book Review: A Companion to the Horror Film

companionhorrorfilmA Companion to the Horror Film
Edited by Harry Benshoff
Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2014. 588 pages.

My first thought about this book of collected essays was the cost, retail price of $180. Now, this is a very thick and heavy hardcover book, close to 600 pages, written by a group of people that have Professor or other intellectual monikers before or after their names. But is any book worth that much? Are you going to get that much out of it? Well, right away, Tim Lucus’ Bava book comes to mind and yeah, I do think that is worth the heavy price. Plus the fact that Lucus’ tome is quite a bit larger in size, and is chocked full of amazing color photos. With a price of $180, it is going to take a special collector and fan to afford this volume for their collection. But even if you have the money, is it still worth buying?

For me personally, there were a few things that I found very interesting, such as Aaron Smuts chapter “Cognitive and Philosophical Approaches to Horror”. He discusses what is known as the Paradox of Horror, which is a slight take-off of the Paradox of Tragedy, which asks the question of why we would want to indulge in, like reading or watching something, that is “likely to arouse negative emotions.” He asks the age old question of why horror is popular. But at the end of essay, all he does is recap his and others theories but never answers the question that he posed. But none the less, I enjoyed what he was discussing.

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Mystery Photo 3-15

I just couldn’t help posting a shot from The Car for our last Mystery Photo. Since reviewing the soundtrack, I had to sit down and re-watch the movie. And for me, it never loses its charm. The scene that I used for the photo, with the headlights appearing in the window, is one thing I can remember from first seeing the trailer on TV. Kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer. And there were a few of you….Hoby Abernathy, Abe Bloom, Cate Cameron, Dahlia Daniels, Ken Johnson, Doug Lamoreux, Ivan Mccann, David Schmidt, G Edwin Taylor, and Wayne Teeter. Well done!

So let’s get on to this week’s photo. This one might be easy, or one that you might have to use your brain a bit. But be careful how hard you look…sometimes something will look back at you!

Just send me an email at with your answer.


The Car Soundtrack Review

thecarThe Car
Released by Intrada
26 Tracks, with a total running time of 40:50 min.
Composed and Conducted by Leonard Rosenman

The Car was a film that stuck in my head as a kid, even though it took years for me to finally get to see it, Just seeing the trailer on TV had etched it in my brain, especially the part with the car coming at the window. Such a great scene.

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David Cronenberg’s Birthday

bodyhorrorToday, Mr. Cronenberg turns 72 years old. Not only has he created so many amazing films in his career, he also created one that I would have in my Top Ten Films. That would be his remake of The Fly.

Not only should Jeff Goldblum been nominated for Best Actor for his role, he should have won. But we know that is stuff of fairy tales. None the less, Goldblum’s performance in this tragic tale of discover, love, and lost, is really a piece of incredible art. Of course, major kudos to Chris Walas for creating the mind-blowing makeup effects as well. But it Goldblum that had to act through all of that makeup, and he did an amazing job there.

But Cronenberg made so many other great titles that are favorites of mine, such as Videodrome. What is your favorite of his work?