HorrorHound Weekend…Part 1

I know I’ve said it the past that I wasn’t going to do convention reports but a few things happened at this recent show that I wanted to mention. But instead of one long report, I’m going to break it up into a few different postings over the next couple of days.

In the early hours on March 21st, the Kitley Krew headed off to Cincinnati for our first convention of the year, HorrorHound Weekend. The first shows of the year are usually bigger, which could due to the fact that it is around tax time, or that it just the opening of convention season and people are ready after a long winter. Whatever the case was, they did come out in droves. Sure, it might be because Norman Reedus was appearing at the show, and he always draws a huge crowd of Walkers, willing to pay his $80 autograph prices and $110 photo ops. A few years ago, that drove me crazy. But now, I think I’ve finally gotten over it and it really doesn’t bother me anymore. Besides, good for Reedus to make that money while he can, because we all know that once The Walking Dead show is over, the only job he’s is going to get is when Hollywood is looking for a hick with a crossbow. This isn’t anything against Reedus or his acting ability, but just because we all know how Hollywood works and how they pigeon-hole actors. For me personally, autographs have lost any charm or sparkle that they once had. I didn’t get over to the separate room where some of the celebs were at because I didn’t really care. Had I done that, I might have seen this sign that started a recent big discussion on social media, about two of TWD guests charging $10 to talk to them. Yeah…really hope that is quickly nipped in the butt and will be the last we hear of it. But again, even if I did see it, I didn’t care. As long as fans and Walkers want to do that, justifying to themselves that their money is being well spent, then it will never end. So I’m doing my part in that by not supporting and not paying for autographs. If you want it to change, bitching about it isn’t going to do it. Stop paying…then it will change. Then maybe an autograph will actually mean something more than a business transaction.

What I did do at the show was work at my table, see old friends, made some new ones, and had a blast talking to different people about this wonderful genre we all love. During the course of the weekend, there were some great things that happened, and a couple that was pretty discouraging. I’ll get to those later. But first, one of the best things about this weekend was that the people coming up to our table throughout the three days of the show and purchasing. It a time when book stores are closing, it really showed me that there is still a lot of hope for horror fans, and that they are still interested in buying books to learn more about the genre. From buying books on Boris Karloff, Texas Chain Saw Massacre, or even Hammer regular Michael Ripper, it made me proud to be part of this great ensemble of fright fans. I had so many great conversations with so many different people in those three days. So a huge thank you to each and every one of you who came by our table, and either talked to us (or at least listened to my rants!), and especially that those that picked up a book. It shows me that what I’m doing is not in vain or a waste of time and there are still plenty of fans out there that are eager to eat up this information about the genre we love so much.

Also, I had a few people come up to me and comment on my column for HorrorHound, that they’ve checked out some of the movies that I’ve written about and thanked me for that. I have to say, that has to be the biggest reason and payment for writing that column every issue.

Next up….”Fuck Remakes”

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