Beyond Terror: Revised Edition Coming Soon!

beyondterrorIf you were a die-hard fan of Lucio Fulci’s work as well as a collector of books on his work, then Stephen Thrower’s 1999 tome Beyond Terror: The Films of Lucio Fulci was a must have.  But the problem was that finding a copy of it, even the softcover version, wasn’t that easy, at least not without paying $100+ for a copy. But now that all changed because FAB Press is releasing a revised edition later on this year.

According to FAB’s website, Thrower has written “10,000 words of all new writing, plus major revisions to the look of the book made possible through the availability of a mass of new color illustrations.” This hardcover edition is 348 pages, over 800 illustrations with 200 in color. The price is $69.95. I’m sure the shipping from the UK might be a bit pricy so you might be looking close to $100 anyway. But again, it’s not going to get any cheaper.

They don’t have a set release date just yet other than “Autumn 2015”, but I’d start saving your pennies now!

Click HERE to get all the information.

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