Sharing the Scare!

Zombies-The-Beginning_keyart2Sharing the Scare…what exactly does that mean? Well, it was a term that I believe my good friend Aaron Christensen started, which means that a bunch of like minded horror movie fans get together to watch and enjoy some flicks. Which is what I did yesterday with him, and a multitude of other good friends. I know I hold our annual Turkey Day Marathons every November, as well as other little movie events throughout the year. But honestly, this is really more than just a bunch of friends sitting around watching movies. It really becomes more than that. Depending on the movies, they can be more enjoyable, and in some cases more bearable when watched in a group.

Perfect case in point was one of the films we watched yesterday. It was Italian cult director Bruno Mattei’s last film, Zombies: The Beginning (2007). If I’d been watching that one by myself, there would have been a good chance that I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it that much, other than just being amazed at how much they ripped off James Cameron’s Aliens. But because of the enthusiastic group I was with, it transcended it’s lack of budget and originality and became pretty entertaining.

The reason I posting about this is because I urge and encourage everyone out there to host their own “Share the Scare”. Just invite a few of your friends that enjoy these kind of movies, pick a few titles that most have never seen, and sit down and enjoy 4-5 fun fright flicks with each other. I’ve always been fond of picking a theme, like a bunch of Pete Walker films, or ’50s giant bug movies. And then make it a regular event. I know everyone has a busy schedule, but planning it like an actual event gives people time to make sure they are open for it.

At the end of the day, not only is it about enjoying the movies, but also getting to hang out with your friends. Trust me, these are times to enjoy and remember, and they are worth it. So…start making those plans to Share the Scare in your own little Krypt.

One thought on “Sharing the Scare!

  1. I really should trademark that term, shouldn’t I? Some Eli Roth-wannabe is going to come along and use it and everyone will think that he came up with it.

    It’s always a pleasure being your wingman, good sir. I’ve learned much thanks to your guidance and not-so-gentle hand, but it’s always more fun watching them at your side.


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