Shock Waves Soundtrack Review

shockwavesShock Waves
Released by Howlin’ Wolf Records
29 Tracks, with a total running time of 31:31 mins
Music Composed by Richard Einhorn

I’ve said this many times before, but this is a great time to be a horror fan. And the fact that the Shock Waves original score is available on CD is just one of the reasons that statement is true. I would say that I’ve been waiting for this for decades to come out, but I honestly never thought it would happen. But now, thanks to the amazing people at Howlin’ Wolf Records, we now can enjoy it.

Einhorn’s score for the best underwater Nazi zombie movie ever made, was his very first movie score. Using primitive synthesizers, a Mini-Korg and a Micro-Korg, Einhorn created such a unique and highly memorable score. There is a sequence in the film where the Death Corps are rising from the water that has this electronic sound, low and rumbling at first, but rising in tone as the soldiers start to rise up. It was one sequence that always impressed me, and is on this release (track 17 – Hit by a Ghost Ship). This score is very basic at face value but is still very effective. Right from the very first track, it brings this feeling of a dark and brooding element just seeping from your speakers. Other tracks, like #3 – Zombie Chase have such a bizarre sound to it, creating a very unique and memorable sound and feeling that it gives. If you’ve seen the movie a few times, you’ll know exactly what scenes those are from.

The only downfall to this release is that it is only 30 minutes long. And with a $20 price tag, it is a bit much. It does come with a wonderful 12-page insert with a great little bio about the score and Einhorn, by Benjamin Chee and a note by Sound Engineer Kevin Segura that are both insightful and very interesting.

2 thoughts on “Shock Waves Soundtrack Review

  1. “the best underwater Nazi zombie movie ever made” You are spot on, Jon. IMO, Shock Waves isn’t a great film. The screenplay and direction at times forces characters to do amazingly idiotic things to remain in jeopardy. But Shock Waves is a PERFECT example of why horror stays with the fan for a lifetime. It has so many elements, Einhorn’s sounds, Cushing and Carradine, Ormsby’s make-up, future Emmy winner Jacqueline Saint Anne’s kick ass costumes, the swamp setting, everything in place for great moments of horror. Beyond its faults, Shock Waves features moments that blow you away. I never pass up a chance to see it. The amazing music is a big part of that. Thanks for the great review and the memories.


    • Thanks for your comment, Doug, and always nice to hear from another fan of this movie. AC and I have had a few discussions on this not being a “great” movie (he thinks its good..not great). But I think you explain it perfectly. Yes, it does have it flaws, but I do think the rest of it help it rise above all of those.


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