Welcome to the Krypt…Or Should I say the New Krypt?

Yes, after working with the same format since the Krypt’s inception back in October of 1998, we have finally made the move to a different website program. Ever since Microsoft put Front Page out to pasture, it has been something that I knew would be coming at some point, more and more with each and every year that passed by. You have to realize that I’ve been still using a program that hasn’t had an update or upgrade for over a decade. The funny thing was when I was looking on some support message boards about getting Front Page to work on Windows 8, a lot of the comments I’d read pretty much said the same thing: “The program is a decade old…move on!” As much as it sucks to try and learn a whole new system, I have to admit they were right. It was time to move on. And what better way than to move one when I still can and on my terms, as opposed to the site just ceasing to exist and then quickly trying to piece together a new site. I know a lot of the issues I’ve had over the years with the site will now be gone, and now I can concentrate more on the content than the technical stuff.

At first, I was worried about losing the look and feel of the site by switching it to a blog format. The one thing that I always felt (or at least I hoped) stood out here was the content and place where I hoped would inspire other fans to learn more about the genre. And I don’t think that will change with this new format. After all, this comes all from the heart, fueled by my passion. And because of that, I don’t think it would matter if it is in the form of a website, a blog, or me standing on the street corner passing out pieces of paper with a list of movies I think you should see and some names of people that I feel need to be remembered for their contributions to the genre. So…with that thought…Welcome to the Krypt.

Couple of things. Not exactly sure how the old mailing list is going to work, you can now follow this site by entering your email over there on the right and you’ll get an email every time we post something new. Our updates will change now and will probably be more frequent than before. Granted, they will be small updates, but more of them.

The link to the old site is  having a bit of technical difficulties at the moment, but we are hoping to have that fixed soon.

With this site, all the reviews we post will automatically be archives into the different categories which you can access by the search queue or by the category links on the left. But you will also be able to leave comments and thoughts about the posts as well, which I hope you do. As horror fans, we all know that it is a lot more fun and enjoyable when you can talk about it with someone else. So I look forward to having more of an open conversation with you.

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