Discover the Horror Now Available

Book Cover Art 22819Discover the Horror is now available to the world! You can order your copy on Amazon now (just by clicking HERE) or you can order it directly from us. Just click on the BUY THE BOOK link at the top of our site, right below the banner for all the details.

It will be about a week before we have physical copies in our possession, so depending on how long you want to wait, and if you want it signed, you could always get it quicker from Amazon. Your choice!

Also remember, that if you’re in the Chicago area, we are having our official Book Launch Party at the Music Box Theatre on Saturday the 27th! There will be a special screening of The Giant Claw at 4:45pm, and then there will be a short Q&A with me afterwards, before we move out to the lounge area where you can buy your copy of the book and get it signed, if you so desire! And no, there will no charge for the signing. Not now. Not ever.

We have a Facebook event posted for this HERE or you can get information from the event page at the Music Box and buy your ticket for the movie HERE.

Mystery Photo 7-15

Monday morning and back on track with this week’s Mystery Photo. Last week’s definitely was a tough one, but we did get one correct answer sent it. That was from William Wilson and the movie was Dear Dead Delilah (1972), written and directed by author John Farris, and starring Agnes Moorehead. A very interesting little early ’70s tale of murder and mystery. Thanks to the fine folks at Vinegar Syndrome for putting this out on Blu-Ray!

So let’s not waste any time and get on to this week’s photo. This might be another tough one, but if you don’t know it, hopefully you seek it out. Because it is more than worth it. But first, as always, please do not post your answers here, so that others can have a chance at guessing. Just send your answers to us in an email, to Good Luck!



Soundtrack Review: Crawlspace

Released by Intrada
16 Tracks with a total running time of 35:54 min.
Music by Pino Donaggio

This movie has been a favorite of mine ever since my first viewing, being just blown away not only by Kinski’s underplayed psychotic performance (at least on the screen), but also the pretty deep terror that is hidden underneath the layers. So when we got this soundtrack and started to play it, images from the film immediately came to mind. Donaggio created such a unique but very familiar sound with the “Main Title” theme, mainly with the use of the keyboard. But what really makes an impact with the score is the opening track, “Falling From Grace With The World”, which comes into play several times throughout the score. Pretty haunting, really. Continue reading

Drive-In Super-Monster Rama Spanish Style

Frankenstein's Bloody TerrorWhile they haven’t announced the full lineup just yet, they have given us the 4 titles that will be playing Friday night. And if you’re a fan of Spanish horror, then you might want to start making plans.

On Friday, September 20th, they will be screening:

Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror (1968)
Dracula Great Love (1973)
The Vampires Night Orgy (1973)
The Dracula Saga (1973)

Not only will you get to see TWO Paul Naschy films, including the one that really started his career, you’ll get to see two other entertaining Spanish horror films as well!

This is all taking place at the Riverside Drive-In in Vandergrift, PA, on September 20th & 21st. We’ll post more information when it comes out, but you can also follow the Facebook page HERE.

Freddie Jones – Rest In Peace

Freddie Jones - RIPMy all time favorite of Hammer’s Frankenstein series has always been Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed. Cushing’s performance as the deviant doctor is unparalleled. It is almost a shame that since Cushing is so good in this, that it takes away from some of the other performances, like that of Freddie Jones in the role of the Professor Richter, who is the unwilling recipient of a brain transplant. His tragic performance is heart breaking, especially has he goes to see his wife in the body of another man.

So it was sad news when heard of his passing yesterday. He had appeared in so many films and TV series, not to mention his work on the stage. He definitely made his mark in the horror genre, such as in The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970), Hammer’s Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973), and Old Dracula (1974). He also appeared in another favorite from my teenage years, Krull (1983). We had this at the theater I worked so I watched it more than a few times. Sure, might be cheesy today, but I still love it and Jones, once again, gives the audience a very emotional performance, especially when he meets his long lost love. Probably one of his most famous, was that in David Lynch’s The Elephant Man (1980).

He may be gone but I know us fans will keep his memory alive and well thanks to all the wonderful roles he brought to life for us over the years. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

Soundtrack Review: The Devil Rides Out

devilridesout1cdThe Devil Rides Out
Released in 2000 by GDI Records
28 tracks with a total running time of 1:01:26 minutes
Music composed by James Bernard

Any fan of Hammer films should know the name of James Bernard. If not, start taking notes. Bernard was one of the main guys responsible for making Hammer films sound like they did. He created the music that surrounded the incredible colorful images that we were watching. Probably his most famous score was that of Horror of Dracula (just Dracula in the UK) where he would use the name of the film to create the main theme. The music is one of the things that let audiences know they were watching a Hammer film. Continue reading

Mystery Photo 7-9

Yes, I know, a day late. I almost was just going to wait until next Monday, but figured I’d get it out anyway. Wouldn’t want to disappoint everyone. One would think that having a 4 day weekend, I would have been on top of these things, but since fate would give me a sinus infection right before the holiday weekend, I spent those days trying to cough up a lung! So… now that I’ve survived, let’s get to it! But first, let us congratulate those that sent in the correct answer for last week’s photo, which, by the way, was from Hammer’s Night Creatures (1962). Kudos to the following: Todd Barwick, Dave Fronto, Troy Howarth, Lee Nattrass, Michael Shields, and Vincent Simonelli. Well done!

Okay, so being that I was laid up for the weekend, I did spend a lot of that time in front of the TV so I was able to knock out quite a few movies. This is from one of those. Give it a good look and see what you can come up with. As always, remember not to post your answers here so that others can have a chance at guessing. Just send your guess to us in an email (to Good Luck!