Kryptic Army Mission: Aug. 2021 – Is It Terror? Or Is It Horror!

Being fans of the horror genre, we always know the stigma it receives from most, mainly because it is always akin to titles like Friday the 13th and their ilk. But even decades before Jason ever picked up a machete, the horror genre was still the red-headed step child. Even some of our horror heroes didn’t particular care for the word “horror”, often times preferring the word “terror” to be used, since it was meant to scare you, not horrify you. But what is the difference?

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Sleepy Hollow Soundtrack 4-Disc Release!

Back in 1999, the score for Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, by the one and only Danny Elfman, was released by Hollywood Records. It features a 65-minute score that featured MOST of what was in the film. But now, thanks to Intrada, they are releasing a 4-disc set of this soundtrack! That’s right … 4 discs!

The first disc is the original release from Hollywood Records, with the 65-minute score. Discs 2 & 3 will have the complete 95-minute score, featuring every single note in the film! Then the 4th disc will have over an hour of original and alternate cues, tracks, and versions that were not used in the final score. Some pieces are quite different than what was eventually used.

If you’re a fan of this score, the movie, Danny Elfman, or Tim Burton, then this really is a must buy. Priced at $39.99, it will start shipping at the end of this month. For more information, just click HERE.

Robot Monster in 3-D!!!

A Kickstarter page was created on July 25th, in hopes to get enough money to release a 3-D version of one of the ultimate in Turkey movies, Phil Tucker’s 1953 epic, Robot Monster. Yes, it was originally shot and briefly released in 3-D, but hopes of ever finding and cleaning up a decent release of this never thought possible. Robot Monster is the story of an invasion by a alien in a monkey suit with a space helmet on, with a bubble machine as well. If you’ve not had the pleasure of seeing any version of this picture, you need to change it. It is so much fun.

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Mystery Photo 7-26

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but it has been a very busy these last couple of weeks. And it doesn’t look like this week is going to be much better. With our first show in almost 2 years this weekend, Flashback Weekend in Rosemont, IL, we still have a lot to do to get ready. So let’s not waste time, right?

Last week’s photo was from the 1995 film The Prophecy, though when I first saw it, it was under the title God’s Army. Really enjoyed that one but unfortunately the following sequels sort of went downhill, if you ask me. But kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Aaron AuBuchon, Peggy Christie, Kevin Hart, Erik Martin, and Gary McGuire. Well done!

This week’s photo is a nice and eerie shot, with fog and spooky looking trees. And … what’s in that bag??? If you know it, send your answer to us in an email, to Good Luck!

Music Box of Horrors Returns

Chicago’s Music Box Theatre has announced the date for their 24-hour marathon that makes it’s return from the grave! It will be taking place from noon on Saturday, Oct. 23rd to noon on Sunday, the 24th. So far they have announced 4 features:

Strait-Jacket (1964)
Tenebre (1982)
Arachnophobia (1990)
The Faculty (1998)

Tickets are on sale now, at $30 until the day of the event, then it will be $35. But before you buy your tickets, please read the below notice from the Music Box about the event:

“All 2021 Music Box of Horrors attendees entering the Music Box Theatre will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or have proof of a negative PCR test within the past 72 hours. Proof will need to be shown at the door before entering. The COVID situation is ever-evolving and the above is our current plan to ensure the wellness of all who attend the Music Box of Horrors marathon. If any of this changes, we will alert all ticket buyers and update this webpage accordingly.”

Mystery Photo 7-19

Sorry people, running a little late today, but our latest photo is up for you to ponder. But first, let us review last week’s photo, shall we? It is from the one and only, The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971), starring, of course, Vincent Price. The photo is the remnants of poor Terry-Thomas, checking the box off for the curse of blood for Phibes’ quest. Kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Gregory Avery, Dahlia Daniels, Dave Fronto, Kevin Hart, Bob Hartman, Troy Howarth, Doug Lamoreux, Erik Martin, Gary McGuire, Jeff Owens, Jen Slotler, James Turner, and Nick Wilson. Well done!

For this week’s photo, don’t gaze too long into it, or you may end up just like the character in the photo! Just remember to send your guess to us at And Good Luck!

Flashback Approaches!

Our first real convention since October of 2019 is only 2 weeks away, and it looks like it is going to be HUGE! Moving to a new location, the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, this place looks to be not only a much bigger location, but is going to allow for even more fun. I can’t wait to be able to hang out with all our convention friends and family once again. It really has been way too long.

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New Criterion Blu-Rays

Normally I don’t announce too many Blu-ray releases, namely because there are so many, but these two that Criterion just announced really are must buys for fans, especially for those that have never seen before.

Jack Arnold’s The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957), based on the book by Richard Matheson, is usually mentioned in the sci-fi genre, but is one that I will definitely argue that is really a horror film, but is really much more than that. As our hero Scott Carey slowly starts to shrink in size, he battles all sorts of obstacles, from real terrors like a cat or a spider that has now become huge to him, or the psychological impact as he tries to realize exactly what is happening to him.

Kaneto Shino’s 1964 film Onibaba is such an underrated classic that I couldn’t recommend it enough. It is a simple tale of two women struggling to survive in war-torn medieval Japan, having to kill wandering samurai and sell their belongings just to stay alive. An older woman awaits with her daughter-in-law for her son to return from the war, but really starts having doubts when his friend returns alone. Trying to keep her one companion from running off, she puts on a demonic looking mask to scare her and seals her fate.

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Long Live the Drive-In!!!

Wow. Just …. Wow. Within 24 hours of the Mahoning Drive-In Theater posting their cry for help, after learning that their home for the last 72 years, was in peril, the help came in support from around the county. It seems that Greenskies Clean Energy was not completely informed of the situation and once they did, getting and seeing all the comments from the drive-in community, they backed out of the deal, not wanting to shut down what was obviously a successful business. So major kudos to Greenskies for doing the right thing and showing their own support.

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Save the Mahoning Drive-In!

News started to spread quickly yesterday that the Mahoning Drive-In, located in Lehighton, PA, recently found out that the land they are located on has been optioned to Greenskies Clean Energy LLC, a solar company that plans to tear down the drive-in theater, which has been there since 1949, and use the land for a solar farm. Now, I’m all up for clean living, but there has to be other places to put one of these instead of on this thriving drive-in that has been running for close to 75 years, and has been creating lasting memories for generations of movie fans.

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