Nox Arcana’s Gothic

Nox Arcana - gothic

By Nox Arcana, Released in 2015
21 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 59 min.

If ever a name that correctly identifies it’s product, then this CD is it. And who better to bring an audio representation of that than Nox Arcana. The first track invites you to spend the night in Grimstone Manor, to see if you can survive the night there. But you won’t be alone since there are many strange and mysterious things that wander the halls therein.

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Movie Review: The Ghoul (2016)

ghoul 3.jpg.png

The Ghoul (2016)
Directed by Gareth Tunley
Starring Tom Meeten, Alice Lowe, Rufus Jones, Niamh Cusack, Geoffrey McGivern, Paul Kaye, Dan Renton Skinner, Waen Shepherd

This was a tough one, folks. I really wanted to like this. And there is a part of the film that I loved how it starts, moving you down a certain path, only to make you question if what you thought was going on was really correct. I know that sounds strange, but without going into details of the plot and giving anything away, that is as descriptive as I can get. The film is about mental illness , or delusions, or just a person having a hard time dealing with what is, or what he thinks is, happening in his life. And we’re not really sure right along with him. I would almost say that is a part that I like about it, but at the end of the picture when the credits start to roll, you realize that you still have no idea what you just watched or what the hell happened for the last ninety minutes. And for me, that was the real disappointment.

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Nox Arcana’s Season of the Witch

Nox Arcana - Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch
By Nox Arcana, Released in 2017
21 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 72 min.

It has been a while since I delved into the world of Nox Arcana. The funny thing is that once this latest release started to play, it was like slipping on an old jacket…it just fits perfectly. It also helped that this is the perfect season to be listening to it as well.

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Theatre Review: The Man-Beast

man beast 1

The Man-Beast
Written by Joseph Zettelmaier
Directed by Hayley Rice
Starring Elizabeth Laidlaw and Aaron Christensen

Here at the Krypt, we don’t get out to an actual theater too often. Not a movie theater, but a stage theater. Honestly we should, but it has to be something usually dabbling in the horror genre to really pique my interests. But no matter what the genre, the whole process and performance just boggles my mind. Movies are one thing, with multiple takes and makeup effects done over and over again until they are perfect. But on the stage, it’s only the actors carrying the weight of the play. There are no re-takes, no “let’s try that from the top”. So the times that we’ve made it out to the theater, it always amazes me that these people are able to do what they do and let alone do it with such passion and style that can not only entertain, but entrance the audience into their little make-believe world for a couple of hours.

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Mystery Photo 10-16

Our photo from last week was from a childhood favorite of mine. It was one that I saw on TV late one night and it was forever cemented in my brain, especially the ending with the talking head! Of course, I’m talking about The Frozen Dead. And I still love the film today as much as I ever have. Great classic horror cheese! Kudos to the following people that send in their correct answer. We had quite a few this week. They were: Hoby Abernathy, Scott Bradley, Aaron Christensen, Damien Glonek, Bill Harrison, Chris Kinniery, Doug Lamoreux, Michael Shields, Mark Turner.

As we continue to celebrate our favorite month, lets go with another fun one, though a little newer than our last choice. But see if you can recognize the film from the below shot. Good luck!

And as always, please remember not to post your answers here, that way everyone can have a chance at it! Just send your guess to us in an email to


Hammer Frankenstein Scrapbook Now Available

Hammer Frankenstein ScrapbookFans of Hammer and their Frankenstein series now have the chance to order an incredible volume for their library. Peveril Publishing just announced that this volume is now ready for orders. If you own one of their Dracula Scrapbook editions, then you know the kind of quality put into these. Simply stunning.

This hardcover volume is 344 pages, color throughout, is filled with stills, script pages, schedules and call sheets, press books, press reviews, set design notes, contracts, and so much more. It is like walking back in time, with so much information and little tidbits of nostalgia for Hammer fans. Kinsey and Peveril always do an exceptional job on their books and each one of them is a glorious piece of work. They are so cool just to page through and look at all the history laid out within the pages.

Keep in mind that there are only 700 copies of this book and that their Dracula edition sold out in 5 weeks, so don’t wait too long. And while these volumes are a bit pricy, keep in mind that their value will only go up. You can see the Dracula Scrapbook on ebay for close to $250 now.

To order your copy now, head over to their website HERE.

Soundtrack Review: The Walking Dead

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead
Released by Lakeshore Records, 2017
23 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 74 min.
Music by Bear McCreary

While I’m not a huge follower of The Walking Dead TV series, I am a big fan of Bear McCreary and am always interested in what he’s been creating because it’s usually pretty damn interesting. And this score is no different.

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