Episode 5 of Discover the Horror Podcast Now Live

Famous Monsters, Fangoria, HorrorHound, Rue Morgue, Deep Red, Castle of Frankenstein, and the list goes on! For most younger horror fans, especially before the internet, that is where we got the latest news and information as to what was going on in the horror industry. This episode we discuss how important they were to us in our informative years, as well as something that still continues on to this day. So, listen up as we go over some of the magazines that made a huge impact in our life, and especially what helped up be the horror fiends we are today!

December Kryptic Army Mission: Confinement!

Is it a new month already? It almost slipped by me! But still the first of December so I’m still on time! This month, we’re going to put the spotlight on being confined to one place, whether it is your house, an apartment, or maybe even stuck at your work for whatever reason. But it is in this place where the horror tries to invade and get to you. It could be a bunch of zombies, or something as simple as a stalker wanting to kill you, or a character losing their grasp of their sanity while home alone and secluded, so the variety of ideas is wide open. Now, I’d like the whole movie to take place in this one setting, but obviously there needs to be a set up to get there, or there could be moments in the story where they leave the dwelling for a short time, but the main setting is where the threat takes place, so I’m not going to get too picky with that. For example, if someone had not seen Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (1978), I would accept that, even though it does take a while to get to the mall. Another example would be Roman Polanski’s The Tenant (1976). But I think this will be a good concept to really stretch those boundaries on just what type of threat is trying to get to you while you are stuck where you are!

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Severin Pop-up Store with Day of the Beast Screening!

Next Tuesday, December 7th, at Chicago’s Music Box Theatre, they will be screening Álex de la Iglesia’s 1995 film Day of the Beast with a Severin Films Pop-up Store set up in the lobby, where you can pick up the latest releases from them!

Day of the Beast is about a priest that discovers the exact date when the Anti-Christ will be born and sets about to stop it. Joining him on his quest is a death metal record store clerk and a cheesy TV psychic, as they do their damnedest to save the world from Satan and his offspring! Unlike anything you’ve seen before, this was de la Iglesia’s second film and is just a riot.

The screening starts at 7pm but the pop-up store will be open from 4pm to 7pm. Please note the Music Box is requiring all attending must show a valid photo ID as well as proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. See the theater’s site for all the events details, by clicking HERE.

Mystery Photo 11-29

Well folks, November is almost over, so this will be our last official Turkey Mystery Photo for the year. I’m sure you’ll see some more turn up throughout the year, but not all the time like this month. So . . . some have argued the ones I have posted were not Turkeys, but that’s the good thing about having your own website! But I love that some are that passionate about these titles as I am. Our last photo was from The Head (1959), which is a lot of fun! Kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Aaron AuBuchon, Peggy Christie, Kevin Hart, Troy Howarth, Gary McGuire, Charles Miller, Lee Nattrass, Bryan Senn, and Michael Shields. I was very happy to see this many people knowing this film. Very cool.

So, let’s get to our photo for today. Might seem easy right away, but is it? Take a look and see if you can figure which film it is from. Just remember, send your guess to us in an email at jon@kitleyskrypt.com. Good Luck!

What Am I Thankful For?

For me, this holiday is really about Turkey Day, my marathon of cinematic shipwrecks that I’ve been doing for almost two decades (which I hope you can join us tomorrow!). But no matter what your beliefs or feelings about the actual Thanksgiving, it should be a time to think about what you are thankful for. Granted, we shouldn’t have to wait until one day a year for it and should think and appreciate that every single day. But here are a few things that I am thankful for.

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Lou Cutell – Rest in Peace

While some might know Cutell from his appearance on TV’s Seinfeld or even as Amazing Larry in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985), but for us fans of cheesy horror / sci-fi films, you will remember him as Dr. Nadir in Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster (1965). Being that was his first feature film, you can understand why he took it. Even though it is rated as one of the worst films ever made, it is something a lot of people remember him from, so I would say that is a positive. Think of how many films are forgotten!

Cutell recently passed away at the age of 91. From a wide range of TV show appearances, and small roles, sometimes even uncredited, such as being a frightened villager in Young Frankenstein (1974), I will still remember as the good Dr. Nadir. Rest in Peace, Lou, and thanks for the laughs.

Mary Collinson – Rest in Peace

Being a huge fan of Hammer films, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet quite a few stars, directors, and others that worked for the famous studio. But there are still countless more than I haven’t. And with each year, we lose another face that brought us thrills, chills, and smiles to our faces. The Collinson twins from Twins of Evil (1971) were two that I had always hoped I would have the chance to meet. Madeleine Collinson had passed away in 2014, and now we’ve learned that her sister Mary has passed away today, at age of 69.

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Turkey Day 2021

While Thanksgiving is in a couple of days, where quite a few of us will be stuffing our faces with enough food to put us into a food coma, the real event in this Friday: Turkey Day 2021! Make sure you are well rested because we have some . . . uh . . . great titles lined up for this year’s marathon. Some of these might test your will as well as hope for humanity, but we are professionals. What doesn’t kill you, and all that stuff.

The Kosmi room will open up at 9am with an hour full of trailers. This will give you plenty of time to get logged in, hooked up, or whatever else you need to do to be ready by 10am, because that is when the first feature will start.

Here is the link to the Kosmi Room: https://app.kosmi.io/room/draqzn. When you check in, if it doesn’t let you put in your name, please announce who you are, just so everyone is not trying to guess. Makes it a little easier. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the films!

Here is our schedule for the features:

  • 9am – Trailers
  • 10am: Feature #1 – Features one of the great horror icons from the ’30s
  • 11:30am: Feature #2 – Perfect example of showing that just because you can shoot a couple of music videos, doesn’t mean you can make a movie
  • 1:15pm: Feature # 3 – We go south of the border for one of the most unusual monsters on film
  • 2:45pm: Feature #4 – Off to Italy with an all-star (maybe not BIG stars to most) cast of actors and monsters
  • 4:30pm: Feature #5 – Back to the states and to Florida. Like catfish?
  • 6:15pm: Feature #6 – Now out of the water and into the . . . well, probably shouldn’t

Mystery Photo 11-22

Continuing our trend for Turkeys this month with these Mystery Photos, we have another slice of fun for you to decipher! But first, let’s review last week’s photo. Unless I lost an email somewhere (which wouldn’t be the first time), it looks like we only have 1 correct answer sent in. The shot is from the film Last Rites (1980), also known as Dracula’s Last Rites. It’s been years since I’ve even seen this one but I remember it being pretty brutal. Which means of course, it will probably end up screening on a Turkey Day at some point! Kudos to Hoby Abernathy for sending it the only correct answer. Well done!

This week’s photo is another classic Turkey. I have seen this one a few times and it is so much fun. See if you can recognize where this cranium is from? Just remember to send your answer to us in an email (to jon@kitleyskrypt.com). Good Luck!

Frankenstein . . . Ninety Years & Counting

Cinema history changed 90 years ago on this day, with the release of James Whale’s Frankenstein. Sure, Dracula had been released in February and was a big hit, but some thought it was a fluke. But once Frankenstein hit the screens, the wheels started turning for what would become the Universal Horror Classics. Can you imagine being in that audience 9 decades ago, having no idea what you were going to be seeing onscreen?

Of course, one of the reasons the picture was a success does fall on the shoulders of Boris Karloff and his incredible performance. He not only sparked a multitude of nightmares to adults with this character, but children from around the world saw through the makeup and saw the “monster” for what he really was, an innocent outsider. Growing up as a horror fan, like a lot of us, knew what it was like to be different and looked upon as strange or weird. So the creature has always had a special place with me.

This film has always been a personate favorite of mine, and would be in my top ten films of all time. It still is as impactful and powerful today as it was 90 years ago, thanks to everyone from the mad genius James Whale, the anxiety-ridden character of Henry brought to life by Colin Clive, the set designers to created this world they lived in. And of course, had it not been for makeup man Jack Pierce, we might not be celebrating this anniversary.

Here’s to another 90 years to our deeply misunderstood creature. May people continue to learn not to judge people from the way they look, but what is inside them.